Stop lying that acting gave you money to buy a house - Angela Okorie lamented.

Nollywood precisely has a particular significance used in identifying it in Nigeria. This identification is always geared towards women who not only came for acting as a profession but also as an underground work they do to double up what they get in just recreating someone's thoughts through movies. 

Some of the underground works could be what everyone knows which is prostitution. 

The initial hub for acting is for the transfer of messages and entertainment to the public.  Now, because it requires energy, commitment and strenuous work to accomplish a given role in any movie, it became a career for income. That's good and acceptable. 

Nigerians are so engulfed with always doing what we call "show off”, just to prove to others that ”they have arrived”.

Building a house only by being a Nollywood actor is just like saying you built your house just by being a bricklayer… 

But then to be realistic in this argument, one can predominantly build a house out of any field of work he or she is involved in. Building the house could not have been an issue but the duration in which the house was built. 

Coming to the theme of what Angela Okorie was trying to say, what she means was that you can not be so dumb to stand in front of people to say that you built a house just by being into Nollywood for just a year or two. Although Grace differs but divinity aside according to her, it's not possible. 

Now coming to the Nigeria-based ideology, most women who are in Nollywood get other funds to look flashy and even build houses with other hustles aside from being an actor. Other side hustles are attached, be they good or bad. 

I just still can't fathom why humans keep bragging about what they haven't achieved yet through lies, even when they're an adult. I mean how does that make sense?? 

Well, all I can say is that Social media gave room for the numerous lies unbuckled by so many people just to get views and likes from people. 

Sometimes I wonder how people do things knowing fully well that they are fake predecessors. What happened to being real and accountable?

(After all na Niger we dey… who honesty help? )… it's a norm

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