Thoughts and Actions

Have you ever wondered why our guts and instincts only spring negative thoughts?
Life is going well for you, you start doubting, it's too good to be true you'd say. You start imagining all the horrible things that can obliterate this good life you are having all of a sudden, and even though you reject these thoughts, if they eventually come to pass, you'd be so sure you knew it was coming. I knew it!!!! I talk am!!!!

On the other hand, you fantasize on so many good things of life, love, jobs, friends, vacations, financial breakthroughs, etc, then in the middle of these thoughts, under your breath you'd say "these things are too much and too many as well, why would God bless someone like you with all of that?" Is it even possible? But you see all these fantasies, they almost always never come to reality, they are just our thoughts. 
Why is this so?

Why does our negative thoughts and fears come to reality most times? 
I can never give the right answers to that question,but I can tell you this for free; we let our fears control the situations we find ourselves. We dedicate more time and energy to events that is or could damage us. That is why we remember dates of uneventful days. 

The moment we start surrendering ourselves to some very bad situation or people around us, the easier it is to keep hurting. Let's pay more attention to the good things than the bad, fear is manipulative. Don't let it win. 

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