What do women Bring to the "Table?"


Often when this question is asked, I feel people don't understand the purpose of creation.
It's even worse when women are asked why they prefer their men to cater for them and they don't do the same and they can't give a genuine reply. I mean, it is simple. Men and women were created differently and we were given different purposes by God. The Bible affirmed this, and so does society.

Some people will blame feminists for the whole equal rights saga, but if you ask me, the movement wasn't for the responsibilities of both genders to be equal. We can never be equal, it is against the law of creation. 

Men are assigned to be providers and protectors, their major role is to provide for their families and also to protect them. Women on the other hand are home builders, I do not mean literal builders o, I am sure you know what I mean. Lol!
Men provide and whatever they give, the wife uses to take care of the home. 

Yes! Some of you would say, but how about women in relationships that want their men to play the role of a husband? Well, it is not about being a boyfriend or a husband, it is about being a man. I am of the notion that a true lover (boyfriend or husband) would always want to cater for his partner's needs, especially if he feels she deserves it because that's the nature of a real man. I mean why would you still be with someone you feel doesn't deserve your care anyway?

I am not against a woman helping out financially in a relationship, marriage, or lover, but I don't appreciate men encouraging women to share this responsibility but won't share that of the woman. 
Intrinsically, we already know the kitchen is a woman's responsibility in a home, even though a man would live as a bachelor for some years, some would not even have cooking utensils in their houses, they don't bother to learn how to cook or manage their house, why? They already know that if they get married, all of these would be the wife's responsibility. Do you see that? That is how nature works. 

Some men help with chores, but they are men who will not even enter the kitchen to fetch drinking water, (in pidgin) them nor fit na, when they get wife?
The behavior of the latter isn't because he's lazy or wicked, naturally, men are not supposed to do these things, when they do it, they are being helpful and sweet, and a partner is supposed to be helpful, that is why it is good for a woman to help financially too, but it is not her responsibility.

It is okay not to agree with my points, I mean, it could be my theory, but maybe it is more. 
But whatever it is, this is what it is. 
Men and women are not the same, everybody get their responsibility.

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