Ask, Seek, and Knock!!!

I know most of us are tired and drained out from doing the 3 things God asks of us when we need something because we don't get them. He has directed us to Ask, and it shall be given, Seek, and we shall find, Knock and the gate of heaven will be open, but unfortunately, we have been doing these things for days, weeks, months, and even years and getting no results.

Well, I can't blame you if you are tired, asking friends and family members for help is not even easy, at least you know you can't depend on them, but what happens when the one Immortal being  you trust and believe will do anything and can do anything for you just by asking, seeking and knocking isn't responding?? The betrayal you'd say, abandonment, neglect, disloyalty, and any other disappointing verbs you can think of. 

But the thing is, it's not any of these things, it's just our lack of patience and trust.
It's truly not easy to wait, especially when you are living on your time and not that of God. It's not easy waiting when we are more worried or concerned about societal pressure and nags. It's never easy when our peers are where we dreamed of but we have not begun yet. It is never easy when we are constantly worried even though we have asked, and seek, and knocked. At some point, we start feeling like God has gone deaf to us. 

I got tired too, and I think I still do sometimes, but I taught myself something. I forced myself into believing and trusting God's promises. If He promised that He'd answer us, why do I have to doubt? If He promised that His will and ways are the best, why should I be afraid of time passing by? If He says His plans for us are good and not evil, why should I be impatient??? 
This might not be relatable as some employers can be evil at times, but if you can promise someone or borrow money with the hope that you'd fulfill or pay back by the end of the month because you know you'd get paid because you worked for it, why then do you not trust God? I know, His timing is too slow for you to wait right?. Lol.

Another problem with not getting our prayers answered could be that we are bargaining with God. The thoughts of "I'd pray as long as He's helping me, I'd serve God so I don't go to hell, so I don't get killed or robbed, I'd go to church and proclaim God's existence and post about Him so that people can see that I am a good person," etc. Do you think these are the things He wants?? God doesn't want any of that, He just wants you, and not some trade-by-barter business agreement. God wants you to accept and praise Him because you love Him because you feel he deserves it. Believe me, If you go to Him this way, you won't get tired of prayers, prayers from you won't be constantly asking for favors, some days you'd just sing praises and worship Him, thanking Him for being who He is. Praying to you would become dedicated, fulfilling a purpose to your lover, aching to be in His presence, missing the absence of calling on Him often. Praying will become a norm and a ritual to you.

I know it's easier said than done, but consistency, trust, patience, love in our hearts and always avoiding what leads to sin, will get us all that we ask of God and even better. 
Everything is going to be fine. There's such a thing as a "Process," work diligently in it. Always remember, There is time for everything.


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