Chasing your dream in Nigeria.

Everyone has a dream which always requires it to be chased, achieved and lived on. 

We all also know life could get tough while living it, it isn't partial. But then, people living in diverse geographical areas could make it look like it's partial. 

What do I mean? 

In a case where the rich gets richer and the poor get poorer in Nigeria. 

Living in Nigeria and ignoring things that could fetch money is approximately giving the universe a reason not to feel empathy for you because of the partiality that comes from the geographical area where you live in... 

Delving into shares in Nigeria doesn't necessarily mean that it must or would be through evil. It could also be a share you have to partake in since she (Nigeria) has proved stubborn in giving us all the best life we deserve. 

Chasing dreams is more like a general task to all humans, but littered money in Nigeria... Should not be hesitated to take. 

After all, it's my country and I live innit!

So, generally, on the subject of money, I believe emphasis should be placed on value... 

So, be valuable by INTENTIONALLY sharpening your skills. 
That thing you can do... Just keep getting better at it.

After all... Let's just all be positive.

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