Do we ever get to settle with our imaginary man/woman?

Let's begin with the two side impacts of imagination. People might say out of experience that it is triggered by the numerous series of Phillpines and more especially Korean movies people watch daily that drive them into the caged imaginary world that they wait to come into existence, which according to records rarely happens. 

People also say that Somehow and sometime in life, we imagine the life we want with some particular "spec" which is accurately Normal in the system of humans. We keep imagining, but then, do we ever get such a person in the hereafter?

We're all humans and some things might in one way or another trigger our positive nerves toward things and people we'd love to always be with.
Well...Some are fortunate to have exactly that and some are fortunate not to (I use fortunate, not unfortunate) because what we desire is not always what's best for us.

We don't always get what we want. Some demands are unrealistic... When fantasy comes in...We should be careful about that...
Don't settle for less yes, but be realistic. 

Someone explained her ordeal as regards the tie first side of imagination which is movies: 

“There was a time I watched a lot of Indian movies and I learned I was falling in love up and down and I had very unrealistic expectations...The same with Korean.”

But then some people might ask, 

"What's the metric rule for deciding that this man or woman is an unrealistic choice?”

The answer would be that There's fantasy, a little madness I must say and there's insanity.
Fantasies are cool too at least to smile but DON'T depend on it to happen! 

As humans wired with hormones, we can't stop imagination from happening. 
We can't stop seeing/reading/writing romantic scenes in movies/books. 
But then we can't also as well stop reality from being in existence...


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