Entitlement Mentality

I wa in a intricycle today and then we came to a stop for someone to alight. Beeside where we stopped, there was a big estate, then the man alighting said, "na person from my village get this estate o, na soso estates im d build for Abuja, im no d dash person anything." Then I said to him, na you give am th emonme ne??? Why im go give you money? you send am? 

People tend to feel like because a family member is rich or a friend is well-to-do, they are supposed to be giving you money or helping you. Yes,  if you can help and you decide to, it is out of the abundance of your heart and you being kind, it's not because the person deserves it. People can be deserving of things and still end up not getting them, why do you think Good people suffer?

Entitlement is feeling that because you have a relationship with someone, blood or water, they are supposed to do things for you. Believe me, when you come to terms with the fact that it is not a must that someone should do something for you, you'd never feel too disappointed when they don't. Of course, there are stingy people among us, the one's that'd never help you out in your times of need, or people who feel in giving you money, they must be something to get in return. 

These days men think it is atrocious to fend for their girlfriends, and I always laugh, because it has been designed that way that men are providers, nobody can take that away from them. All of these theories were brought by stingy people who are looking for escape routes from taking care of their partner. 

It is okay to be in need, it is okay to ask for help, but do not tie your hopes to it or assume that they must give if you ask. I have heard how people are mad at 2face Idibia claiming he doesn't encourage idoma upcoming artists or carry them along, and I'm like, it's his money, it's his fame, wnhy do you think he should do these things?. That's like asking people how to use their clothings or hoe to live in your house. 

Expect help from people with the intention of being helped out of a situation that you didn't create or be elevated because they want to see you prosper, but never with the thought of entitlement. 

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