Good over Evil

Everything about life has its negatives and positives, and there is always an option to choose from when allowed to choose how we want to live.  My question is, if we can choose how to live our lives, why make the wrong ones?…

In life generally, people who are against God would say things negative about Him and question why should they believe in who they can't feel nor see? My reply usually is why not? What could go wrong? If whatever a believer preaches doesn't cause pain or anything uncomfortable, why not do what they are preaching about? I mean, if we have to be wrong, why not do what we don't wanna do?

I guess what  I'm saying is, we don't know what is right, but if what believers think is the best way of living doesn't lead to death or causes any form of harm, Why not just follow them, moreover the goal is to stay alive. 

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