International Women's Day

Today being a day to set aside to celebrate women isn't just for the boldest, the strongest, bravest, smartest or even the finest of women alone. It is for all women, the tired, the clueless, the weak and the ones fighting low self-esteem.

If you identify as a woman, today is your day and it is a day for soul cleansing, strength and courage renewal, and the ability to keep it going with whatever brave moves we are making.

Today isn't about measuring our strengths with men, or arguing about equality or who is stronger, today we celebrate our being and our versatile nature, our abilities, and our special features.

No doubt, we are all different, men and women alike, we should look upon our peculiarity, embrace our exceptionality and celebrate grace. It is not easy walking the face of the earth, so if you exist and you identify as a human, you are special. 

And for the ones still struggling, the ones that are yet to put things together, the ones that are confused or lack confidence in themselves, you are not alone, you are not worthless, you are loved and you are special. 
Dream on, but don't just dream, get up and work on your dreams, if you don't know where to begin, ask the sister beside you, if she's not willing to help, move onto the next one. Do not stop pushing until you your thoughts starts manifesting. 

Don't be too hard on yourself, don't put yourself under a timer, and take life one step at a time. Be kind to people, love people and most of all, love thyself. Be in charge of hour life and take the remote control, you can be submissive and still be a queen. Your life is not dependent on someone else. You are a queen, and queens are brave. Tilt your crown and work it๐Ÿ˜Š

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