Let's Make it Make Sense


People say you don't need to be picky or selective when choosing a spouse or a partner to start a relationship with, I really don't understand why people say that because it's not possible to not be selective when you're trying to select someone you'll be spending the rest of your life with.

I mean if you're you're given a bucket of mangoes or any kind of fruit to take from, you don't just dip your hand in the bucket and pick one, you'd definitely try to see which is more ripe or which is fresh or  attractive to the eyes, but when it comes to a human being, like someone who can talk, who can feel, someone who can react to things or situations, someone who can be mad, someone who can be sick, someone who can do everything a human being will do, you say one should not be selective!?  
We should just go with every and any Dick and Harry so long as marriage is concerned? 
Whether we like it or not we all have people that we fantasize about, but that doesn't mean we are going to get that particular person because life is not that easy. We may end up with a totally different person from what we have pictured in the past and  it may get lovely from start to finish, some people maybe not from start but along the line everything becomes easy and beautiful.

What I don't get is people saying why do you have a list? 
Why do you do this? 
Why not just accept someone that is ready to go down the road with you?
I don't think Physical Attraction happens that easily because whether we like it or not whoever we are going to date or whoever we go out with, there has got to be some level of Attraction especially Physical Attraction it doesn't even mean the person has to be tall dark and handsome or pretty with all the curves and all, they must be some level of attraction.

The beauty of marriage for me is seeing two totally different people come together in agreement not minding  what whoever looks like or what they have.  But when you're telling or advising people not to pick or why not just try this person, what if that's God's choice? I am sorry, I don't believe in trying people, I mean I cannot accept a relationship proposal from someone when I'm not attracted to the person in any way.  If there's no Physical Attraction or some level of emotional attraction between the two of us I don't think I would want to accept that based on, lets see how it goes.

If I'm not emotionally attracted to you I don't see how I can display any form of affection to  you because I need to want to do that with you without even thinking about it twice.  

People bashing you for being picky or not wanting to try someone out to me is just people trying to push you to the edge. I mean they keep saying you don't need to have a list, don't be picky, don't be this, you just accept someone without liking them?
I see even men of God preaching about it saying "you're looking for a man with six packs, a woman with boobs and big ass and all of that and not focusing on what God wants for you" I don't get how I will know, especially when i don't see any form of attraction. 

I feel being the one everything connects automatically, you don't need to force anything you don't need to try someone to see if it will work it just happens, there's something that just put the two of you together it doesn't matter what the person looks like or who the person is or has.  
But can we make it make sense why we shouldn't be selective when choosing a partner.

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  1. You are doing great mama😘

  2. I totally agree with you, I’ve always shared the same school of thought but at this point, I’m tired! When do we finally find that person