Random Thoughts

Ever felt like you are invincible? As a lady, you are pretty, you always dress fine and smell great, and your appearance is always appealing to the eyes (both to males and females), but whenever you are out, it seems like no man notices you. Cars sways past you, good-looking people pass by and don't even take a second glance, but immediately you walk pass agberos, okada riders and the likes(no offense to those people) you start hearing compliments left, right, and center. Lol. This happens often that you start questioning occurrences around you, abi your village people covered your face with a hideous mask ne? Or the real you is actually invincible??

Do you feel bad about things like that? Does it frustrate you so much that before you go out you sit by the mirror and make extra efforts so that if by mistake what you were doing before wasn't enough, you would want to do more? Or do you because of this stop caring about your appearances? After all, no one ever notice you, why should you bother?

Well, I have something to tell you, looking good shouldn't solely be because you want to be wooed, or having necks turning upandan when you walk by, yes, those are part of it, but 70% of your physical appearance should be for you because you deserve to look fly and smell sweet, the other 30% can be divided between your fellow genderr noticing you, or to be admired and what not. 

The moment you start looking good just so you can get noticed by people, you will stop trying when they don't, or get pressured and anxiety will step in. 
It's not easy not being wooed or given compliments when you walk by, but it doesn't mean there's something wrong with you. Sometimes when I find myself in such situation, I am grateful sef, who knows what I am being protected from?

 Finding sincere friendships these days is hard, not to talk of a relationship. So many people out there looking for who to deceive, sleep with, rape, lie to, and to confuse. 

If you want to look good, do it because it speaks class, elegance, uniqueness and smartness, not because you want to attract everyone on the street or to impress people. It'd restrict you. 

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