When we talk about the future :) It sounds far.

Most podcasters and writers would stoop to convince with words that the future is an after-preparation, going further to buy people into trusting that the present should be the total concentration. They would say, "think of the present and wait on the future”, and then forget to also remember, that today was once a future, that you either enjoy or suffer from according to the way you planned it. 

Christianity is also quoted in the Bible: ”Think not about tomorrow because tomorrow will be in the place to think about us”… so many who read the Bible also misunderstand this passage and hence relax, forgetting to also plan for what is to come. To read deep meaning into this passage, I believe the man above, used this as a medium to snap people out from worrying too much about what is to come. 
He had examined that worries only bring more worries without a change. So with this, he was able to convince people that believe in him to stop worrying. But then, others misunderstand it by not laying the foundation for what they would expect tomorrow. You don't have to set plans through worries, you also necessarily don't have to think towards future dealings through worries. 

This only requires mental reasoning that will, and can only be meted out by using valid reasoning. It is quite easy for humans to discomfort themselves when they fail to understand the root aim of any passage that they read. They fail to understand the natural phenomenon of living. Because of this, they tend to do beyond or below what exactly is needed. 

Most English words had successfully confused a lot of people because of the exaggeration that comes with the meaning. Or maybe some words are not always meant to be used in all contexts. 
In line with the future being exaggerated, yes it is a fact. The future is a day after today. Quit wallowing in fantasies that it's a decade to come. 
Don't relent. 


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