Different regions in the globe interact and share cultures universally but do not copy each other exactly!

Normal hubby of mine; ready to accommodate and answer any question thrown at me to the best of my knowledge. 

 “What will be your advice to one who wants to try weed for the first time?” – Question of the day by a curious fellow. 

 “There's no harm trying out something new... That makes you human.” – As simple, as I could make it sound. 

 This one curious fellow went on to say… 

"Drug is being legalized in Western countries. Great leaders tried it overseas like Barack Obama, his wife Michelle Obama, Kamala Harris, Oprah Winfrey, and Bill Clinton. Some medical doctors overseas use it occasionally. The only roadblock to me trying it is the stereotype painted by parents and society of trying it and running mad. So, what do you think?"

For a start... He said "Westerners" right? 

Well, with this, I could say, this is Africa, and drugs are not legalized (yet). This question could be asked by any Nigerian and perhaps blaming it on Nigerian parents, but the truth is that we're always known for copying Westerners wrongly (Nigerians).

The government in Western countries have propounded the law and passed the bill for drugs to be legalized because they have seen through the greater part of benefits before they allowed its legality. 
Now, have your government found a reason to?

The world is all about a choice and there is no harm in trying out new things as I said earlier on. 
We're all adults, be proud of your risk and decisions.
Planning to start drugs? That's fine! you could go see a doctor about your body builds and how strong they are. 
If satisfied with the results and feel you can get on with it, who cares about the stereotype in society? 

Everyone is aware of the truth but we always try to pay deaf attention to it. 
Anyways, Do what makes you happy. 
Being ready to embrace whatever comes out of it... makes you a countable human.

#Life no too hard, na you wan complicate am!

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