If there is something I suck at, it is pretense. Whatever I have to pretend sbout are usually obvious so you would be able to tell if I am trying to like something, someone, a situation, or a place. 

Pretense brings about lies, nothing but lies and more lies and this can be really exhausting. I mean, why go through all that stress when I can just accept my reality and what I stand for?

Do you know why I am on this topic today? I realized people pretend they don't like something but are praying to have that thing in the, especially marriage. You hear people say they are not ready for marriage o, they don't know if they want to get married or are ready to share their life with someone else, but these same people are praying and fasting to find their soul mate. I also got to find out they say these things so they don't seem desperate, wanting, or miserably lonely like it is a weakness or something.

Are we not supposed to like marriage or being with someone who loves and cherishes us? I know I do, and I am unapologetically vocal about it. Loneliness is not a good thing, I desire love, cuddles, gifts, words of affirmation, romance, baecations, and everything that comes with being in a relationship, and most of all, I desire marriage. 

I don't understand why people can outrightly desire money but not something as beautiful as love and marriage. For your information, it is not something to be embarrassed about, we are supposed to have these things and more, so maybe for some people, the reason you are yet to experience this is by you deny your need for it publicly but wish and pray about it in secret. 

There's so much that we don't need to conceal because they are ordinarily part of us and our desires but we keep living in denial. Some people see crying as a form of weakness, but we cry when we are weak innit? Being in any kind of pain, disappointments, betrayal, hurts and setbacks are part of being human, and if you must express your distress by crying, by all means. Weakness is part of human, do it must be expressed by them. 

Do not let anyone make you feel your desires or how you express yourself is a sign of weakness. Own everything with your full chest, it is easier to be expressive than holding back, holding back can be harmful. 

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