Life as we know it

Most times we are not ready for what we are praying and hoping for. I have come to terms with it and it has taught me not to be too anxious. Do you notice how poorly you react to things you've been hoping for most times? It could be that you are the type who don't know how to react in excitement, but within you, are you as joyous as you thought you'd be when you were asking for these things?

What I am saying is, we need to take it easy with putting pressure on ourselves unnecessarily. Alot I things you have wished for, but having them now isn't a huge deal anymore. They are called worldly things for a reason. They can be intriguing and exciting, but can easily be grown out of. I remember how I used to watch movies in those days like I was promised a reward, or the countless secular songs I had in my phone. Nowadays, I will watch a movie for a week and I would rather play my Gospel or choir playlist. 

My point is, focus on things that would impact you positively, if you are a Christian, follow Christ with all your heart, if you choose kindness, do it, show love, be compassionate of others, impact in others. Don't go on stressing on things you have no control over. When they come, you'd see how useless they are. 

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