Loneliness is a complex and universal human emotion that has been experienced by individuals throughout history. It is a feeling of disconnectedness and isolation from others, and can be experienced even when surrounded by people. Loneliness can be caused by a variety of factors, including social isolation, lack of close relationships, and feelings of not belonging.  

Loneliness can be caused by many factors, including social isolation, lack of close relationships, and feelings of not belonging. Social isolation may occur due to physical distance from others, such as living in a remote area or being homebound. It can also be caused by a lack of social skills or confidence, which can make it difficult to connect with others. Additionally, social isolation can result from life changes such as a divorce, job loss, or retirement.

Lack of close relationships can also lead to feelings of loneliness. This may be due to a lack of opportunities to form meaningful connections with others, or a lack of trust in others. It can also be caused by a lack of shared interests or values with those around us, also that feeling when you want to wrapped up with someone, not talking, just lying down and feeling each other. It sucks when you don't have that for a long time, it actually starts making you feel like you have no one at all even though you have friends, but you can't cuddle with your friends, especially not the kind of girlfriends I have, they'd start shouting lele is real๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ˜.

Feelings of not belonging can also contribute to loneliness. This may occur when an individual feels different from those around them, or when they do not feel accepted by their community. 
Loneliness can have significant negative effects on both physical and mental health. Individuals who experience chronic loneliness may be at increased risk for developing depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions. They may also be at higher risk for developing physical health problems, such as, weakened immune systems, and sleep disturbances.

There are several potential solutions to loneliness, including building new relationships, strengthening existing relationships, and seeking professional help. Building new relationships can be achieved through joining groups or clubs, volunteering, or participating in social activities. Strengthening existing relationships can be done through regular communication and spending quality time together. The hard part that can't easily be fixed is finding a significant other, and that's the one that most people want, but I feel that if we give friends and family members the opportunity to fill in that vacuum for the main time, it'd help.

Professional help can also be beneficial for individuals experiencing chronic loneliness. This may include therapy or counseling, which can help individuals to develop social skills, manage anxiety and depression, and build self-confidence.
May we not find ourselves lonely when when we have people around us. 

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