Memes and their values.

First of all a big thanks to social media. Moreover, I've glanced into some arguments by people creating this space that social media had done more harm than good. (especially secondary school debates). Well… I reserve my comment on that.

Let's begin this phase by putting forward the meaning of memes. The first word to describe a meme is "sharing”, and only on social media that this 'share' can work, to bring about social connections within or outside a region. A meme is of two ways, universal and local memes. In the universal case, the meme or memes, in particular, carry or give an idea of the humor in question to anybody viewing it in any part of the world. A local meme, as its name implies only gives an understanding to people in that particular region who it affects. 

Gone are the days when people mourn or roll on the floor because of the nation, family, marriage, or personal issues. Although, it only hurts the person wearing the shoes. Just a few days back, I asked a few questions to individuals I know that share over a hundred memes in a day. I asked them the following question: 

1). "As a meme lord...What would you have to say about the inner peace you always have when you see a new meme to share”

2). “As a meme did you start and how do you feel being one?”

One of these beautiful souls said: 

"That money when you're bored or worried or heavily sad, then you decide to swipe into people's status and then,  see a meme that trickled you into leaving a smile behind, then a lot more can make you laugh hysterically and brisk you a little way from your worries. Memes are life."

The other person said: 

"It brightens up my day and I'm generous enough to share it with other people to benefit from the such delight that cracks up with laughter. The peace that comes with the humorous laughter is too much, I can't help but keep sharing."

Well, I bet to reserve the other answers that I got, life problems were eased a little in social media. Philosophy and natural law state that everything has both advantages and disadvantages. Social media has its disadvantage but as a human, let the majority of the choices you make from the two be pulled out from the merit side(advantage) then look past the disadvantages. 
For me, life shouldn't be taken seriously more than just 10%

# Share memes today!

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