The Danger In Changing Your Business Plan, After A Windfall.

Great wealth makes a foolish man, proud and stupid while the same kind of wealth humbles the wise and makes him even more approachable than he was before coming into great wealth. 
Many great men have re-positioned their wealth for the better by associating with those below their status in terms of wealth. 
You may not believe the last sentence I made, but even you, know that you had great plans before you came into the first windfall that would have changed your life, but the minute it came, you suspended all initial plans that you made earlier in the euphoria of sudden funds which on its own does not possess the ability to make you wealthy. 
Most wealthy men have money but lack ideas to transform their wealth from the foundational stage to the generational stage. 
And most poor men have the kind of ideas that will shock you to your bone marrow if you were seated with them in a bar and you may almost be tempted to help out with your funds if you are in money but, the sad truth is that they are bound to change their plans, strategies and goals as soon as a windfall hits them. 
This is a clear sign that money is highly spiritual, if you don't have a strong spirit, the spirit of money will overwhelm you and the residence of money in your hands will be very brief. 
The sole purpose of this very long essay is just to remind and update us that we need to stay true to our initial plans irrespective of the kind of money that comes our way. 
Stay True, Humble and open to ideas in the Marketplace. 
For where two or three men of low status are gathered, wisdom is there in their midst..

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