Jude Abaga a.k.a M.I Abaga

M.I Abaga, whose real name is Jude Abaga, is a Nigerian rapper, songwriter, and record producer. He is widely regarded as one of the most talented and influential hip-hop artists in Nigeria and Africa. Here is a biography of M.I Abaga:

Early Life: 

M.I Abaga was born on October 4, 1981, in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria. He is of Nigerian and Cameroonian descent. M.I had a passion for music from a young age and was influenced by various genres, including hip-hop, R&B, and highlife.

Education and Career Beginnings: 

M.I Abaga attended Calvin College, Michigan, USA, where he studied business and economics. While in college, he explored his interest in music, performing at campus events and local shows. He honed his skills as an artist and rapper during this time.

Music Career: 

After completing his studies, M.I Abaga returned to Nigeria and delved fully into his music career. He signed with Chocolate City, one of Nigeria's leading record labels, in 2006. Under Chocolate City, M.I released his debut single, "Safe," which received positive reviews and marked the beginning of his rise to stardom.

In 2008, M.I released his critically acclaimed debut studio album, "Talk About It." The album featured hit singles like "Crowd Mentality," "Teaser," and "Anoti." It earned him widespread recognition and established him as a force to be reckoned with in the Nigerian hip-hop scene.

M.I's subsequent albums, including "M.I 2: The Movie" (2010), "The Chairman" (2014), and "Rendezvous" (2018), further solidified his position as one of Nigeria's top hip-hop artists. He is known for his thought-provoking lyrics, intricate wordplay, and storytelling abilities.

Notable Achievements and Impact: 

M.I Abaga's impact on the Nigerian music industry goes beyond his successful music career. He is often credited with helping to elevate the status of Nigerian hip-hop and promoting conscious and socially relevant lyrics in his music.

As an artist and record label executive, M.I has also played a significant role in nurturing and supporting other talented artists through his involvement with Chocolate City and its subsidiaries.

Awards and Recognition: 

Throughout his career, M.I Abaga has received numerous awards and accolades. He has won several Nigeria Entertainment Awards, The Headies Awards, and other prestigious honors in recognition of his musical talent and contributions to the industry.

Personal Life: 

M.I Abaga is a private individual, and not much is publicly known about his personal life. He maintains a low profile and prefers to let his music and work speak for themselves.


M.I Abaga's impact on the Nigerian and African hip-hop scene is undeniable. He is regarded as one of the pioneers and torchbearers of Nigerian hip-hop and has inspired a new generation of artists to embrace lyricism, storytelling, and artistic excellence in their music.

Please note that information about M.I Abaga may change over time, and it's always best to check more recent sources for the latest updates on his life and career.

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