Don Moen


Don Moen is a renowned American Christian worship leader, singer, songwriter, and music producer who has had a profound influence on contemporary Christian music. He was born on June 29, 1950, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA. Don Moen is celebrated for his heartfelt and anointed worship songs that have resonated with Christians worldwide.

Don Moen's music career took off in the late 1980s and early 1990s when he served as the music director and worship leader for Integrity Music, a well-known Christian music label. During his time with Integrity Music, Moen released some of his most iconic songs, including "God Will Make a Way," "Give Thanks," "I Will Sing," and "Here We Are." These songs are known for their simplicity, strong Christian messages, and their ability to inspire worship and reflection.

One of Don Moen's standout achievements is the song "God Will Make a Way," which became a Christian music classic and a source of comfort and hope for many. The lyrics and melody of this song have touched the hearts of countless believers facing challenges and uncertainties in their lives.

In addition to his music, Don Moen has been involved in various humanitarian and ministry efforts. He has performed at numerous worship events and concerts around the world and has contributed to the growth of contemporary Christian worship music.

Don Moen's warm and soothing voice, combined with his skillful songwriting, has made him a beloved figure in the Christian music community. He is known not only for his solo work but also for his collaborative efforts with other Christian artists.

Don Moen's impact on the world of Christian music is enduring, and he continues to be celebrated for his contributions to worship music and his dedication to spreading the message of faith, hope, and love through music.

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