How To Ensure or Stamp the Success of Your Private Business Before It Even Begins.


This life is made up of different entities, useless, useful, valueless, valuable, non-luxurious and luxurious. 

Many a time, as humans, you need to offer service to have value. I know you want to start that business, but it may not be your portion to start a business. 

Even if it is your portion, starting now may be a really great mistake, I know you have the funds and the time seems right, but wait a minute. 

Do you have the experience? 

If you don’t, find someone doing that same type of business and offer to work for free. Offering to work for free for someone else is a very big sacrifice to offer for the success of your business. 

It is more like saying, you want to hold the four aces with respect to the business you intend to start up. You see? 

Starting a business is more spiritual than physical. Starting a business means you want to be in full control of your finances and if you succeed, the devil will be put to shame. 

This is why everyone who intends to start a business must offer selfless sacrifices before commencing, if you don’t, all the missiles of the devil will come straight at you and your ignorance over the said business will be the start of your downfall. So, Have you decided to work for free for the Success of your Business?If yes, here are;  


5 Reasons Why it is Important.  


1. Wisdom to navigate crooked waters. 

Most of the time people struggle in business not because they are not they don’t have the capital or because they don’t know how the business works, they do, in fact the reason for their interest in such a business is because they already know that it is lucrative but the problem that often arises is often deep seated. 

Knowing how to drive a car is not enough, when you drive on the the expressway for the first time without company, you will understand this fact, there is a difference between driving and navigating, a professional driver knows how to navigate effectively on the expressway, but it will take a newbie years to learn the skill of navigating. 

You see that business that you intend to embark on, it has its own secrets that you can never see with the physical eyes, it takes holding the reins of the business to understand these things and just like a newbie driver can be presented with instant death if he or she decides to go into taking a professional driving job without knowing the intricacies of driving professionally, your business may also be presented with impending doom if you lack prerequisite knowledge needed to keep it afloat. 

2. Service is Golden. 

Do you not know that Service is Golden?The reason why we have quack artisans and skilled men here and there is because humans have over the years believed that they can learn anything from practicing without a tutor.

There are qualities you learn from being tutored or for being under the service of another, namely; Tolerance, Obedience, Loyalty, Orderliness, Teamwork, Resilience, Expertise and Goodwill. You can never learn the above qualities from practicing without the direct involvement of a master, tutor or Boss as the case maybe.  


To Be Continued.





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