Once upon a time for Ibadan town, there dey live one man wey dem dey call Ade. Ade na strong farmer, and e get wife wey dem call Yetunde. Dem been dey live happily until one day, trouble show face. 
One evening, Ade see one mysterious masquerade wey dey dance for village square. E talk say make dem no fear, say e come with message from the gods. People gather, and the masquerade yarn say dem need to appease the gods with special sacrifice. 
Ade, being a brave man, decide say e go find solution. E consult Ifa oracle, and Ifa talk say dem go need to offer special ram and kolanut for shrine. Ade begin hustle for ram, but e no easy. 
Meanwhile, Yetunde dey worried for her husband safety. She decide say she go follow Ade go see Babalawo. Dem go, and Babalawo give dem advice on how to appease the gods. 
Ade, Yetunde, and the ram reach shrine, dem do the sacrifice. As dem dey come back home, rain begin fall, cleansing the village of the trouble wey bin dey. From that day, people hail Ade and Yetunde as heroes. 
Na so their love and bravery save the village from wahala.

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