Alele – Seyi Shay feat. Flavour and DJ Consequence.


“Alele” is a collaborative single by Seyi Shay featuring Flavour and DJ Consequence. Released in 2018, the song is characterized by its energetic and danceable Afrobeat sound, blending contemporary elements with a touch of highlife.

In “Alele,” Seyi Shay, Flavour, and DJ Consequence come together to create a lively and celebratory track. The song’s title is derived from the Yoruba language, where “alele” can be associated with a joyful and carefree atmosphere.

The lyrics of the song revolve around themes of celebration, enjoyment, and expressing oneself on the dancefloor. Seyi Shay and Flavour deliver verses that complement the upbeat and infectious nature of the track, while DJ Consequence adds his signature touch to the production.

The music video for “Alele,” directed by Paul Gambit, features colorful and vibrant visuals that capture the lively spirit of the song. The video showcases Seyi Shay, Flavour, and DJ Consequence in various scenes, emphasizing the celebratory mood of the track.

“Alele” received positive reviews for its catchy melody, danceable rhythm, and the collaboration’s overall chemistry. The song contributed to Seyi Shay’s presence in the Afrobeat music scene and demonstrated her ability to create music with widespread appeal.