Target You – 2Baba Feat. Syemca


“Target You” is a track from 2Baba’s seventh studio album, “Warriors,” released on February 28, 2020. Here are some details about the song:

  • Collaboration: “Target You” features Syemca, a Nigerian singer. This collaboration adds a unique vocal dynamic to the track and showcases 2Baba’s willingness to work with emerging talents.

  • Theme: The title “Target You” suggests a theme related to someone being the focus or aim of affection. The lyrics may explore the dynamics of attraction and the desire to pursue a romantic interest.

  • Production: The production of the song likely incorporates a blend of Afrobeat and contemporary Nigerian pop sounds. 2Baba is known for his ability to infuse traditional African rhythms with modern elements.

  • Album Context: As part of the “Warriors” album, “Target You” is one of the collaborative efforts that demonstrate 2Baba’s support for up-and-coming artists. The album as a whole explores various themes and musical styles.

  • Reception: Collaborations with emerging talents can bring a fresh perspective to an album. “Target You” likely received attention for introducing Syemca to a broader audience and the overall synergy between the artists.

To fully experience the song, you can listen to “Target You” on music streaming platforms where the entire “Warriors” album is available. 

Exploring official sources or interviews may provide additional insights into the creative process and inspiration behind the collaboration.