How To Add Text To Your Videos Using the CapCut App

Adding text to videos can be a great way to convey information, enhance storytelling, or engage your audience. There are several ways to add text to videos, depending on your needs and the software you’re using:
  1. Video Editing Software: Most video editing software, like Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, or Davinci Resolve, allows you to add text to videos. You can create text overlays, titles, and captions, and customize them with different fonts, sizes, colors, and animations.
  2. Online Tools: There are several online tools and websites that specialize in adding text to videos. Some popular options include Kapwing, Canva, and Animaker. These tools often provide easy-to-use interfaces with pre-designed templates and animations.
  3. Mobile Apps: If you’re editing videos on your mobile device, there are many apps available for both iOS and Android that allow you to add text to videos. Some examples include InShot, Kinemaster, and Adobe Premiere Rush, which offer text overlay features.
  4. YouTube Studio: If you’re adding text to videos for YouTube, you can use YouTube Studio, which provides a simple interface for adding titles, descriptions, and captions to your videos directly on the platform.
  5. Subtitling Software: For adding subtitles or closed captions to videos, you can use specialized subtitling software like Subtitle Workshop, Aegisub, or Jubler. These tools allow you to synchronize text with the audio and export the subtitles in various formats.

When adding text to videos, it’s important to consider readability, timing, and visual appeal; this ensures that the text complements the video content effectively. In this tutorial I will be teaching or showing you how to add text to videos using the CapCut App.

To add text to videos using the CapCut app, follow these steps:

Download and Install CapCut:

If you haven’t already, download and install the CapCut app from the App Store (for iOS) or Google Play Store (for Android).

Open CapCut:

Launch the CapCut app on your device.

Import Your Video:

Tap on the “+”  “New Project” icon to import the video you want to edit into the app.

Add Text:

  • Tap on the “Text” icon (T) at the bottom of the screen.
  • Select the style of text you want to add, such as title, subtitle, etc.
  • Enter your text in the text box that appears.
  • Customize the text by changing the font, size, color, and alignment using the options provided.


Adjust Text Duration:

Drag the ends of the text clip on the timeline to adjust its duration.


Tap on the “Play” button to preview your video with the added text.

Export Your Video:

Once you’re satisfied with your edits, then tap on the “Export” button to save and export your video.

Save and Share:

Choose the video quality you prefer and tap on “Save” to save the edited video to your device. You can also share it directly to social media platforms from the app.

That’s it! You’ve successfully added text to your video using the CapCut app.

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