Thomas Yemaren Zannu A.K.A BIGGY BJ

Thomas Yemaren Zannu, widely recognized by his stage name BIGGY BJ, was born on June 13, 1998, in Badagry, Lagos. Hailing from Benin Republic, he has made a significant mark in the music industry over the past few years. BIGGY BJ’s journey in music has been marked by a series of notable tracks that have captivated audiences.

His releases, including titles like;

  • “Babaloke,”
  • “Spiritually,”
  • “Jeje,” and;
  • “Necessary,”

Have showcased his unique style and musical talent, garnering him a loyal following.

BIGGY BJ is known for his versatility, effortlessly blending various musical elements to create tracks that resonate with listeners. His latest offering, “Trenches,” is yet another example of his ability to craft standout tracks. Produced by the talented Flow Record, “Trenches” is a captivating piece that showcases BIGGY BJ’s growth as an artist.

Despite his success, BIGGY BJ remains humble and focused on his craft. He continues to push boundaries and explore new musical territories, solidifying his position as one of the industry’s rising stars. With his passion for music and unwavering dedication, BIGGY BJ is set to achieve even greater heights in the music industry.

Trenches is dropping on the 20th of April, 2024. Keep It Locked.

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