Ole (Thief) – 2Baba (featuring Freestyle)

“Ole (Thief)” is another notable track from 2Baba’s debut album “Face 2 Face.” Released in 2004, this song features the artist Freestyle, adding a unique dynamic to the track with his contributions.

The song “Ole” translates from Nigerian Pidgin to “Thief” in English, and its lyrics explore themes of betrayal and dishonesty, particularly in the context of personal relationships. The track is an expression of feeling cheated or deceived, likely drawing from personal experiences or broader observations of societal issues.

Musically, “Ole (Thief)” combines elements of R&B with African rhythms, creating a smooth and engaging sound that complements its more serious lyrical content. This blend of style and substance is characteristic of 2Baba’s music, which often delves into deeper emotional and social themes while maintaining appealing, catchy compositions.

Featuring Freestyle added an extra layer of lyrical interplay and depth to the track, showcasing both artists’ abilities to convey complex emotions through music. “Ole (Thief)” remains a strong example of 2Baba’s early work and his knack for addressing relatable issues through his songs.

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